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Otterhampton Primary School

Otterhampton Primary School

Otterhampton Primary School
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Otterhampton Primary School


We are a small primary school committed to offering our pupils the highest possible quality of education in a caring and secure ‘family’ environment.  Whilst your child is at our school we will strive to develop within them the skills they need to be able to learn, grow and achieve their full potential. The School Governors have always supported this goal. 

We are a three class school which means that all staff know all children.  This enables us to provide closer attention to individual children's needs.

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Otterhampton Primary School has seen substantial development within the last seven years.  In November 2009 we had our Primary Quality mark revalidated.  We also gained Inclusive Dyslexia Friendly Status.  OFSTED recognised our school as a ‘good’ school in our last inspection in May 2011.   

As part of the process of change in personnel, management and facilities, we considered it time to review what is important to the staff and management of the school, as we consolidate and seek to move forwards. Accordingly, the headteacher, all staff and governors met to agree our vision for the school’s future. Below is the result of our labours and is a genuine reflection of our aims - these aims are reviewed on an annual basis.  

  • At Otterhampton School, we believe that our children come first. We want them to feel happy, valued and secure.
  • We endeavour to provide a stimulating and exciting learning environment in which each child develops to their full potential.
  • We develop the ability of children to question, in order to become confident independent thinkers who have mutual respect for each other and the world around them.
  • We create a partnership between home, school and community in order to encourage children to become responsible citizens of the world.




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